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Valentine CandyFor the upcoming Valentine day, I’ll give you all my classes for free.

At this time, I teach 19 classes on Skillshare, two on Udemy and one on my Teachable school. Some of these are identical across platforms so that you can choose if you prefer Udemy, Skillshare or Teachable.

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The Zero to Hero Webmaster Series

#1: Create your own Website with WordPress for free

All freelancers and business owners need their own website!

You may have heard that quite often, and in most cases, this good advice comes with a quite high price tag.

I am Marian Heddesheimer and I build and modify websites for clients using WordPress.

When I realized that people are paying me a lot of money, to add more functionality to their sites or to change their layout, I asked myself, how many people could use WordPress for themselves, if they don’t need all these special features and designs.

This class will show you, how you can set up your website for free and you can get started with some free hosting, to follow all the steps in this class.

You will also learn, why I decided to use WordPress for this class, why WordPress is so special and why you can use it for free.

You don’t need to have any technical knowledge, to follow this class. If you can watch this video, you already have all what is needed: A computer and access to the internet.

  1. Intro Video
  2. What is WordPress?
  3. What is the difference between and
  4. Why should care about WordPress?
  5. How do I get web hosting?
  6. What is a domain name?
  7. How do I install WordPress?
  8. What about Security?
  9. How do I set up my first site?

At the end of this class, you have set up your web hosting, installed WordPress and can show off your first website of your own.

Free coupons/links:




#2: Choose a WordPress Theme and essential plugins

You will learn how to select a theme and essential plugins that you will need to make your site more appealing.

  1. Intro.
  2. Anatomy of a web site.
  3. How to get a theme for your site.
  4. How to get plugins for your site.
  5. How to handle updates.
  6. How to set up pages.
  7. How to set up posts.
  8. How to adjust the layout of your site.
  9. What comes next?


#3: Create the Contact Page for your WordPress Site

In this class you will create a contact page with a specific sidebar.

You will also add a contact form and a google map to the page.


#4: Create an About-Us Page for your Site.

In this class, we will add a page with information about us and the company to the WordPress site that we have built in part #1 to #3.

I will show you, how you can use a team member plugin, to add photos and biographies to this page, so that they will present your team nicely.


#5: Adding social buttons and newsletter signup

Now, that you have a functional website, you may want to make it look a bit more attractive.

You also need some buttons for the social services, so that your site visitors can connect with you on Twitter or Facebook.

And you want your visitors to interact with your content, so you need share buttons.

Share buttons make it easy for a visitor to share a blog post or a page with a single click.

This way, you will draw more traffic to your site.

And, if you are into email marketing, you might want to add a newsletter signup form on your sidebar.

So you can collect email addresses from your visitors who want to get informed when you have something special to offer.


#6: Adding a Photo Gallery

If you are a photographer or a designer, you are mostly working with images and photos.

One of the pages that you want to have on your website is a gallery page.

This class will show you, how you can set up such an image gallery with the built-in WordPress tools.

But you will also learn how to use an easy to set up a plugin, to create stunning photo galleries like these.


#7: Adding a Photo Slideshow

This class will show how to set up a photo slider on your homepage.

If you are a photographer or a designer, you are mostly working with images and photos.

So it makes sense, to show your best works on your homepage with a beautiful slideshow.

This class will show you, how you can set up such a slider using an easy to use plugin.


#8: Adding Watermarks to your Photos

Are you concerned about image theft?

If you are using your own pictures or your own creative work on a website, everybody can steal your photos or images that you show there.

Unfortunately, there is no technical method to avoid that. Even with some special plugins that make it harder to copy a picture, it’s still possible.

So it makes sense, to watermark your creative work so that at least your name and copyright will be in the picture. But that’s a lot of extra work, right?

Not so if you use a WordPress plugin, that can automate this tedious task. Just upload your images as usual and let the plugin do the work.

This class will show you how to do that.


#9: How to backup your WordPress site.

Do you have a backup of your website?

If you are a WordPress user, you may add a lot of fresh content every day.

It can be pages and posts as well as uploaded pictures that you assign to these posts.

After a while, you will end up with thousand of lines of valuable content.

What happens when your web server breaks down, or your web host goes out of business? Do you have a backup of all this content that you can just copy to a fresh WordPress installation?

Wouldn’t it be great, if your WordPress site would just backup all your content, the theme, and the plugins that you are using on a regular basis?

I will show you in this class, how you can install a free plugin and configure it to do regular backups on a schedule, for example, daily or weekly. It will also send you backup files to a cloud storage like dropbox, so you will have access to your files, even when the hosting company will disappear completely.


#10: Adding a Customer Survey Form

Knowing what your customers or your blog readers think about your site or your service is critical. Sometimes it’s hard to find out because people don’t like to give you negative feedback if they have a business relationship with you.

Doing an anonymous survey is a good method, to collect opinions from the visitors of your site because nobody has to reveal if they have a business relationship with you. The important part is to remove the name and email fields from the contact form.

But the Contact Form 7 plugin also provides particular fields, that are very suitable for surveys of all sorts. In this class, I’ll show you how to use these fields and how to format them to get an easy to fill survey form.


#11: WordPress 4.7 – new Features

A new Version of WordPress is available since December 2016.

This version 4.7 comes with some new features and a brand new default theme “Twenty Seventeen,” which is now designed for business sites.

If you are already using WordPress, you might wonder what is new in the current version.

First of all, WordPress has published a new default theme “Twenty Seventeen” which is a real business theme. It means that it will no longer be necessary to create a homepage manually and tell WordPress to use it as your main content.

They even provide example content, when you do a fresh installation, so it’s even easier to get started with a business website.

The new theme also allows a video header, so that you can include a youTube video as a background, instead of being limited to just a static photo.

There are even more improvements that I will explain in this class.


#12: The Instant Images Plugin

If you are a blogger or if you have a business website, you often need beautiful pictures that can illustrate your content.

Let’s assume that you are on a budget and you cannot or do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on stock images.

And maybe you have heard about these websites, where you can get free images, which you can use under an open creative commons license.

If you are using to get these pictures, you can even save a lot of time with a plugin, that you can use with your WordPress site.

This class will show you the benefits of using the instant images plugin.


#13: Adding a Portfolio to your site.

If you are a photographer or a designer, you want to show your best work to your website visitors.

Sometimes, a simple slideshow or a photo gallery will work fine, but if you do some more complex work like building websites or creating books or products, you want to show more detailed information about each of your portfolio elements.

I searched the Internet for a free and easy to use WordPress plugin that can provide this functionality for your site. It’s a plugin named “waving portfolio” and it is completely free.

You can add any content to your portfolio items and you can even embed a photo gallery inside a single portfolio element.

This class will show you how to set it up and add your portfolio items. It will also show how to add categories and tags so that you can decide which elements are shown on your pages.


If you prefer to have all these in a large, single class, you can get parts #2-#11 also with my Udemy Course that you get for free with this coupon code: VALENTINE_2017

or by using this link:

WordPress for Developers

I have also started a series for WP developers but these are just three classes. If you are interested, you will get these also for free:

How to create a child-theme #1

This class is for advanced WordPress users, who are either web developers or want to become a web developer.

It explains the first steps to set up a child theme for WordPress for your site.

Child themes are useful because you can use all the functionality of your existing WordPress theme, and add small design changes without much coding.

You will need to learn some CSS, which will not be covered by this class entirely. But it will get you started to build your own child theme for the site.


How to create a child-theme #2

In this class, you will learn how to identify the correct CSS selector, that you need to override the existing rule to make changes to a specific element on your site.

This class will show you how to get from this:

to this:


#3: How to change fonts and colors

In this class, you will learn how to include different fonts for your child theme from the free Google fonts library.

This class will show you how to get from this:

to this:

Further reading:

Class resources are attached as PDF. Please download them to have all the URLs that are used in this class.


Other classes

Outside these two class series, I offer some single classes that you can also get with a free enrollment link.

How to give proper attribution for free pictures and music

When you create a website, a video or a course on SkillShare or Udemy, you often use photos and other material like background music.

I often see that proper attribution is not always given in all final products.

You may ask “Why is this important?”.

Well, I’m not a lawyer so that the law may be different in your country. But from what I know, you can get into trouble, if you use free material and don’t give proper attribution.

So, I will show you, how I understand the topic, and what I do, to make sure, that all artists get their attribution, that they deserve.

I will address only free sources here, so all photos and all music will come from free sources.

By giving proper attribution, you don’t just make sure you comply with the law. You will also help the artists, who give away their work for free, to benefit from your work.

So they will get an incentive to offer their works for free in the future.


Make Money with WordPress – Set up Paid Memberships Pro in under one hour

You have several possibilities to monetize your WordPress site. One of them is to create a membership site, where people pay for a monthly membership to access the information on your site.

With the Plugin “Paid Memberships Pro” it is very easy and fast to set this up.

This class will also show how you can combine the membership site with your PayPal account so that you can handle the payments via PayPal.

You need to have a PayPal Business account because this class is using Paypal Express for the payment settings.

The Plugin itself is free of charge, so you can set up your membership site completely free if you already have a PayPal account.


Create a stunning landing page in WordPress with the Elementor Page Builder.

Maybe you have built your basic WordPress site with a nice theme and some useful plugins.

But now you may ask yourself:

How can I make all these lovely page designs that I see on other websites?

This is where page builders come in.

These are either plugins or functions built-in to a WordPress theme.

This class will explain how to use one of the newer page builder plugins that you can use.

It’s called Elementor and it is a free plugin.